Performance: 21:00, Friday 1st Sept

Where: Venue 1
Tickets: £12.50 / £10 concessions







Inspired by One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Macondo combines instruction based theatre, binaural sound and poetic writing to create a unique Autoteatro show 'silent disco' style. Choosing between Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Hereos the participants decide the level of involvement they want to have in the show and abandon themselves to a predetermined script. 

The making of a Village and a family saga told through seven generations of the Buendia Family. This unique show combines instruction based theatre, binaural sound and poetic writing.

It is a story of lies and mirages where nothing is what it seems. Fallen angels, Gypsy travellers, circus performers and peasants intertwine changing the life of MACONDO and the faith that locks them all together.


MACONDO appears for fifty minutes only in an empty theatre and takes the shape of the people that inhabit it. 
A unique show that combines instruction based theatre, binaural sound and video.


"Dizzying and hilarious... a brilliant immersive performance" Independent 4 Stars on The Great Spavaldos by il pixel rosso


"this tantalisingly dreamy, intense little show is both good fun and thoroughly disorientating. For a short spell it takes you both out of your own body and yet more deeply into it at the same time" The Times on The Great Spavaldos by il pixel rosso


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Silvia Mercuriali has been working in theatre since 1998, creating events, site-specific installations, experimental theatre shows and immersive performances. Much of her work focuses on the role of the audience in relation to their environment and to each other.

She is co-director of experimental theatre company rotozaza, better known as the pioneer of instruction-based ‘autoteatro’, which began in 2007 with our show Etiquette. Since then she has developed this form of immersive theatre through different collaborations as il pixel rosso, and Berlin, Nevada. she also works as performer/devisor with Inconvenient Spoof, Clod Ensemble, and Shunt, as well as a solo artist and director.

Silvia is produced by Natalie Richardson from Konzept Arts & Ideas, a pan European performing arts management company specializing in theatre, dance and cross art form performance.